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What We Do

Amplifying the voice of artists - we offer label services, artist development, and artist management to artists of all levels. Founded by industry veteran Joe Riccitelli, there are no strict major label contracts, adapting to musics ever changing landscape. As the former Co-President and Promotion Head of RCA/Jive Records for over 20 years, Joe Riccitelli created Gold’n Retriever Entertainment back in 2021. Joe and his team of highly regarded executives, and young entrepreneurs, are here to offer their expertise and guidance in music's ever changing landscape. 


Offering an array of consultancy based label services such as DSP Management, Radio + Video Promotion, Sync Placement, Digital Marketing and much more Gold'n works with artist's one-on-one to amplify their voice and their vision. The over 30+ years of major label experience has equipped Gold'n Retriever with long - standing and prosperous relationships with key industry tastemakers and more that will boost any artists' career. 


With a heavy focus on artistry and musicianship, Gold'n Retriever Entertainment also features a label imprint with Firebird Music.

Want to learn more about the team? Click on their names below! Interested in working with us? Head over to "Contact Us" and shoot us an email! 

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